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November 14, 2020 3 min read

Athletes recognize the importance of training to maximize athletic performance, and as important are rest and recovery. Although rest and recovery are often used together to describe a post-workout routine, both are essentially different from each other. While rest refers to time spent without training and includes sleep, recovery is a procedure taken to maximize the body’s repair process. A balance of both along with proper diet and exercise should be a part of any fitness regimen. Know the essentials of adequate rest and recovery and discover how to speed up your recovery with Recovapro!

Why is Rest and Recovery Important?


  • Microtears occur once a muscle gets physically worked up. when this happens, your body sends out more blood to the muscle to repair and heal itself, and eventually grow and becomes stronger!


  • When your body is not receiving enough rest or having inadequate recovery after training, it predisposes you to a higher risk of injury as your body hasn't recovered its energy stores and hasn't quite adapted yet to the stress placed on it. With enough recovery, your body adapts and becomes more efficient.


  • Rest and recovery allow you to perform at your optimum capacity as all of your body's processes revert back to normal, including your concentration and focus. Adequate rest and recovery ensure that your body is refreshed and always prepared for the next training.

    The 3 Rest and Recovery Essentials

    Below are important components of rest and recovery athletes need to keep in mind to improve performance and overall quality of life.

    • Sleep:Sleep is the most important aspect of recovery. Adequate amounts of sleep help in reducing levels of the stress hormone "cortisol," which increases testosterone production, thereby increasing muscle protein synthesis. Also, it promotes the release of human growth hormone, which is active during tissue repair and stimulates tissue growth and repair. 
    • Hydration:Water helps in all of our bodies' functions and processes. Drinking adequate amounts of water is critical to health, performance, and recovery. Water is the best option for hydration as it replenishes all the lost minerals and electrolytes. Sports drinks can be taken during strenuous activities where fluid replenishment is extremely needed.
    • Nutrition:Consuming well-balanced meals helps to maximize performance by providing the body with adequate nutrition, which has been shown to improve recovery. Choose to eat as much fresh food as possible and limit the number of processed ones.

    Speed Up Your Recovery with  Recovapro!!!

    Allowing time for rest and recovery by taking into consideration sleep, hydration, and nutrition can improve your performance with a lower risk of injury. Both allows your body to repair and heal itself in time for your next training load. The faster you recover from exercise, the better you are on your next performance. So, supercharge your recovery with Recovapro!


    Recovapro helps relax your sore muscles and minimize the effects of DOMS by providing intense amounts of therapeutic vibration. This enhances blood circulation into your muscles, replenishing your healing body with an ample supply of nutrients and oxygen needed for repair, while also removing harmful toxins that delays recovery. The more blood your muscles receive, the more nutrients, oxygen, and energy they'll have so you become stronger and recover like a PRO!!!