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February 12, 2023 3 min read

The healing process after strenuous exercise usually takes the human body a few days, but thanks to technological advancements in the sports industry, some unconventional procedures are being utilized to hasten athletes' recovery times.

Alternatives to the traditional recovery techniques of cold baths, rolling out, and stretching are gaining popularity. Check out these three novel rehabilitation techniques that are becoming increasingly popular with modern athletes.

1. Cryotherapy

Although it is regarded as one of the strangest recovery strategies, this approach is similar to taking an ice bath. Patients undergoing cryotherapy stand in a frigid tank with their heads protruding in temperatures below freezing or about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Cryotherapy is known for accelerating the healing of wounds and speeding up the recovery process by momentarily reducing blood flow, inflammation, and discomfort, even if sessions only last three to five minutes.

Athletes who underwent cryotherapy sessions also reported lessened fatigue and muscular discomfort. Recent research on the effects of cryotherapy on athletes revealed that cryotherapy promotes muscle fibre repair, which is based on the lowered levels of creatine kinase after each session. An enzyme called creatine kinase is utilized to quantify the degree of muscle damage.

Cryotherapy lowers body temperature, which promotes the regeneration of muscle fibres. Through this process, the release of cytokine-related proteins speeds up muscle repair. These proteins restore muscle tears during exercise and contain substances that construct tissue. In addition, pro-inflammatory cytokines are also steadily declining, while anti-inflammatory cytokines are rapidly rising during this phase. The outcome is a massive anti-inflammatory response throughout the body, which aids in the recovery of sore muscles.

2. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Athletes at the professional and collegiate levels are using this technique as it gains popularity in the world of athletics. Athletes breathe air with 100% oxidation while lying down in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber as opposed to the typical ambient air's 21%. By generating more energy to rid the body of wastes and cell damage, the extra oxygen absorbed into the bloodstream helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. The additional oxygen also aids brain function, hastens wound healing, and promotes muscle repair.

Red blood cells can better navigate the congested blood capillaries in the body's cells and tissues when the athlete breathes in more oxygen, supplying more oxygen to injured muscles and accelerating the healing process. However, athletes must exercise caution when undertaking this form of therapy due to the increased risk of seizures brought on by the higher levels of oxygen being inhaled. Please talk to your doctor if you need clarification on whether this procedure is proper for you. Nevertheless, this rehabilitation method appears to be successful for athletes despite certain dangers.

3. Compression Boots

Compressing both legs makes compression boots an excellent method for flushing waste materials out of the body. These boots completely enclose the leg and apply compression for 20 to 30 minutes to increase blood flow to both limbs and hasten recovery. In addition, blood circulation is increased by having various boot portions compress and decompress simultaneously. This encourages flexibility and heals tissue damage. As a result, the body helps flush lactic acid and other toxins from the limbs and circulates fluids through the cardiac system.

In addition to facilitating a quicker recovery, compression boots have many other advantages. Compression works to firm loose skin, prevent varicose veins, and treat early varicose veins while reducing inflammation and cellulite formation. Additionally, it lessens fluid retention in the legs. Many businesses have expanded their offerings to include equal treatment for arms. These arm sleeves offer additional relief and healing in the arms, reaping the same advantages as compression boots. Finally, check out Recovapro Air and experience a different kind of recovery.