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September 14, 2019 4 min read

There truly are myriad benefits that can be obtained from massage therapy. Ranging from being a great way to de-stress during busy periods of life to having a tangible impact on the way our body operates. As such, massage is a treatment that should be sought out by all but there happens to be a particular incentive to do so for older people. During the ageing process, our bodies can use all the care we are able to give them, and a therapeutic massage is just the ticket. Whether for the immobile straight stairlift user or for those struggling with circulation issues, a massage can do wonders! Read on to learn all about why massage therapy can be so beneficial for older people.

Relieves arthritic pain

knee pain


Arthritis, a disorder that affects joints with pain and stiffness, is a condition that many people suffer from in older age, causing varying degrees of discomfort in the human body. While it must be stated that massage therapy is not to be thought of as a cure for arthritis, it can indeed help to relieve the associated pain. Speaking about the benefits of massage therapy for older people, Nadege Louvet, an expert practitioner said:

“Joint and bone issues, like arthritis, are far more common in older people, so finding a great alternative to medicine to supplement treatment is really important. That's where massage can come in - it has the power to help alleviate the chronic pain caused by age-related problems. It works by giving the immune system a boost - encouraging fluids to move around the body as well as stretching the fascia and tissues, which increases mobility in the joints, and reduces stiffness too.”

Helps to treat musculoskeletal pain 



Arthritis isn’t the only common symptom associated with ageing, there are several conditions and ailments that can cause great discomfort to the body as the years go by. Luckily, Diana, a qualified and practising massage therapist , advises that massage therapy can be a helpful addition to your treatment:

“The benefits of massage therapy have been shown to have multiple health benefits and many people in society often turn to this form of alternative treatment to help with symptoms of musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction as a direct result of our modern sedentary lifestyles.

“In the older population, massage therapy has the ability to help with many of the symptoms we associate with ageing. Deceased mobility, joint inflammation and muscle pain linked with conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis can be dramatically relieved by improving blood flow, reducing swelling and improving range of motion.”

Improves balance

Improves balance


Balance is tremendously important, particularly in older age. Falling is a common cause of injury during the latter years of life so doing everything possible to improve one’s balance is a good idea. The good news is that Nadege from Urban Massage says massage therapy has been found to help improve balance:

“As bodies age, postural issues get worse. This is because postural muscles get weaker, which decreases mobility and balance. Just like issues with joints, massage is a great way to help positively impact these problems. By expertly stretching someone's muscles, it encourages healthy joints and better functionality of their musculoskeletal system.”

Helps with stroke recovery

Old hands


Anyone who has experienced a stroke, or knows of someone who has, understands full well the damaging impact it can have on your quality of life. To help with recovery after a stroke, massage therapy is now a recommended recourse, often achieving great results. By focusing on specific areas of the body and then stimulating the areas that may be paralyzed as a result of the stroke, massage therapy can prove to be an invaluable tool in a person’s recovery. This is just one more marvellous benefit of this particular treatment.

Improves circulation

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Perhaps the greatest benefit of all to be garnered from massage therapy is its ability to improve the body’s circulation as good circulation helps with many everyday activities. Increasing a person’s circulation is vital in older age as bad circulation, unfortunately, becomes increasingly common during this period of life. Improved circulation can be better achieved, however, thanks to massage therapy as it helps improve the flow of blood into the body’s limbs. As a result, older people will be far healthier and able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Reduces stress



As many will be aware, a massage is an incredibly relaxing mode of therapy and with all the stress people are under in the modern age, this is certainly something worth looking into. Reducing stress in the human body, massage therapy has the ability to lessen any anxiety that the older person might be feeling, allowing that person to totally relax in body and mind.

Diana of Bodyrock Therapy advises: “In addition to the many physical benefits massage therapy can have, it has been shown to have a significantly positive impact on those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. For many elderly people, the lack of human touch or contact can create feelings of loneliness and so receiving a massage from a compassionate, qualified therapist has the potential to help both physically and emotionally.”

Reduce muscle tension

Relaxing massage


It’s no surprise that we become less mobile and less active in older age. As the human body stops operating like it once did, people tend to stay home more often and get less exercise. As a result, muscles will harden and become tighter – making it even more difficult to move around. What a massage can do here is to help soften both muscle and tissue. It achieves this by increasing blood flow to these specific areas. The body is a miraculous thing and with a bit of prompting in older age, it can continue to serve us well into the future.

Which massage to choose

The beauty of a massage is the sheer variety available. Depending on the desired result, many tremendous options are open to you. However, Dave Heap, the director of leisure and spa at QHotels suggests: “A great massage choice would be the Recovapro Handheld massager which can be used anywhere. Also  adding , Massage therapy for older people offers many physical and mental benefits, which results in the improvement of health and general well-being.”