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October 13, 2020 3 min read

Our old folks have been through tough times, maybe through war and such. Some may have even faced a prior flu pandemic that was way worse than the present virus the world is seriously fighting now. Imagine how hard it was during those times when science and medicine were not that advanced yet. But despite the primitive, old-aged technology, they still managed to keep themselves safe and up to survive and thrive. One can understand why these people were called the greatest generation, as they were able to show toughness and resiliency amidst a hostile environment. Their bodies have gone through a lot of physical pain, and this was all to preserve the generation ahead of them. They already played their part, and it’s our turn to give back to them what they deserve and show how we appreciate all that they’ve done for us.

As we grow old, our bodies start to experience more pain and stiffness that often leave us with difficulty in performing even the simplest of our daily tasks. Conditions related to aging, such as osteoarthritis, can become more disabling that we stop participating in physical activities, which is considered as the most effective preventive measure for so many ailments. We often resort to various remedies, and massage therapy delivers the best effect, especially if it’s out of love and care from a loved one.


According to a research study by the American Massage Therapy Association, approximately 9 million older adults over the age of 55 had a total of 39 million massage sessions in the last year, mainly for medical reasons. Massage therapy for this aged population can be an effective, non-invasive, and non-pharmacologic way to help alleviate symptoms of many age-related ailments. With regular massage, seniors can experience an improved quality of life and energy levels as they feel younger and healthier overall.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Massage for Older Adults

  • Arthritic pain. Massage therapy helps ease joint and muscle pain. A study showed that older adults who participated in massage therapy for osteoarthritis had less pain and stiffness with improved physical function.
  • Faster recovery from injuries or illnesses. Massage therapy keeps muscles and other soft tissue structures, including tendons and ligaments, mobile and less prone to injury.
  • Improved quality of sleep. Older adults who receive frequent massages are sleeping more deeply and for longer durations, which results in better health overall.
  • Effective management of agitation due to Alzheimer’s disease. Slow-stroke massage may relax the patient’s physical and mental status.
  • Alleviating depression. Touch therapy may provide comfort and security to the elderly, which can help improve mental health.
  • Physical and mental relaxation. Massage has been shown to decrease the buildup of “stress hormone” that tends to come with aging.

Show Your Love with Recovapro

Massage techniques utilized for older adults involve lighter, gentle stroking to specific areas of the body and typically lasts for a short session of about thirty minutes. Even the gentlest massage has proven effects on blood circulation, relieving muscle tension while relaxing the body and mind.

Today, conditions and injuries related to aging can be easily managed by a simple massage tool like Recovapro massage guns. Older adults who might have a disability, injury, or illness may benefit from these handy gadgets, which are easily operated and delivers similar, and maybe better, massage effects performed by a massage therapist. For a more relaxing, memorable, and intimate session, it should be done to someone special by someone who truly loves.