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November 13, 2020 3 min read

It was a double loss for then Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham who sustained a groin pull as they were beaten 3-0 by FC Dallas in Major League Soccer's Western Conference final on November 14, 2010. The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfield player limped away from the Western Conference final in pain.


Groin pull or adductor strain is a common injury in soccer, ranking second to the dreaded pulled hamstring. It is an injury to the tendinous attachment of the muscles on the inner side of the thigh, known as the adductor muscles.

The injury appears to be related to factors including hip muscle strength, preseason conditioning, and previous groin injury, which is likely the greatest risk.

How do I get a pulled groin?

Groin strain or groin pull are relatively common in high-intensity sports affecting the adductor muscle on the inner thigh. In football, most injuries occurred in sudden changing of direction, putting exaggerated stress on the tendon. It is also most commonly seen after kicking, when your hip goes from the back to the front with very intense force.

How do you know if you pulled your adductor muscles?

Mild groin pull may not hurt too much but can be very agonizing in moderate to severe injuries and can make you impossible to walk or even stand.

Other symptoms of a groin pull are:

  • Sudden onset of severe groin pain that gets worse when you move.
  • The area around your inner thigh is painful to touch.
  • Bruising or swelling on the inner side of your thigh, in moderate to severe injuries.
  • Muscle weakness with persistent pain, especially when you move your thigh to the inside or when stretching it out.

If you suspect a severe groin pull, you may need to see a doctor for further evaluation due to the possibility of complete muscle rupture. In this case, complete surgery may be necessary to reattach the torn ends of the muscle.

How do I treat my pulled adductor?

Most adductor strains are managed conservatively.

  • Early management includes relative rest, ice, compression, pain medications and physical therapy.
  • The physiotherapy includes stretching, range of motion and strengthening exercises accompanied by a gradual return to sport.
  • Potential indications for surgery include poor recovery with conservative management with full-thickness tears with the persistent weakness of the affected leg.


Recovapro Percussion technology can provide massage techniques that help in releasing tensed muscles and enhancing circulation around your inner thigh to promote fast and effective healing. The Recovapro massage guns are an excellent tool to deliver localized vibration therapy for every groin pull!!!

  • Sweeping cross fiberis utilized to achieve superficial relaxation and muscle broadening. With the round head attachment, stroke across the fibers moving diagonally along the muscle length.
  • Proceed with deeper compression broadeningto further reduce tension as well as encourage muscle repair by moving the tool from knee going up to groin or vice versa.
  • Deep longitudinal strippingemphasizes muscle elasticity and pliability. The round head is initially utilized but gradually shift to small contact surface with the bullet head as tolerance to vibration improves. Use caution in stripping near the site of muscle strain, especially if the strain is more severe.
  • Deep transverse frictionis applied over the injured site, usually at the musculotendinous junction in the crotch area. Pressure is applied transverse to the fiber direction to encourage proper scar tissue alignment.

NOTE: A gliding motion (effleurage) is used for warm up and cool down. Adjust the speed depending on the technique and desired outcome. Use care in the amount of pressure applied as this region can be tender. For general adductor muscle workup, click here.