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November 13, 2020 2 min read

There is nothing more relaxing day than having leisure time and playing the sport you’ve been passionate about for so many years… when you hang out with your buddies out in the sun with your favorite golf club… eager to show that perfect swing you’ve been practicing for a very long time… and then with repeated strokes, you hurt your elbow and had yourself a dreaded Golfer's Elbow…

Many pro athletes have battled golfer’s elbow at one point in their professional careers. In 2013, Tiger Woods withdrew from the AT&T National due to sharp pain and tenderness on the inside of his left elbow, apparently medial epicondylitis. A great deal of pain, along with tenderness, swelling, and weakness on the inside of the elbow can plague a player for weeks. Although the discomfort can be very annoying, players who experience golfer’s elbow do not need to stop playing at all. It’s self-limiting and most cases improve over time. The injury usually responds extremely to some self-help remedies.

The Medial Epicondylitis

Medial epicondylitis has been associated with repetitive wrist flexing, gripping and swinging activities that stretch the flexor tendons attached on the inside of your elbow. This condition can cause inflammation or micro tears in the tendons, and as the tendons become repetitively inflamed and irritated, it will result in medial epicondylitis. Tendons do not have a consistent blood supply, so, for the body to repair it, scar tissue develops, which causes the pain.

Anyone can develop medial epicondylitis, not just the golfers. If your hands and wrists are subjected to frequent motions and your tendons cannot withstand too much force, an injury may occur. Tennis elbow is a similar condition that occurs on the outside of the elbow at the lateral epicondyle, termed as lateral epicondylitis.

How Do You Prevent Medial Elbow Pain?

It is important to keep your wrist flexors strong and flexible. Frequent stretching along with high repetition, low resistance exercise program can help deal with the recurrent elbow pain. Symptoms may be controlled by applying ice, stretching, along with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. 

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Tension and trigger points can easily be treated and eliminated with a self-massage tool like Recovapro.

Trigger points that developed overtime don’t disappear by themselves, but they can be “massaged out” of a muscle very easily with Recovapro's trigger pointing techniques. Using the bullet head attachment, the high-frequency vibration can deliver enough force to inactivate those hard-to-reach trigger points. The same power can pound those tense muscles using the round head attachment, which also eases out the stress on the problem area at the elbow. With Recovapro, you’ll recover like a pro!!!

For the how-to-video on how to use Recovapro on Medial Epicondylitis (to relax tense forearm muscles), click here